Deutsch Kurs

This show I’ll make together with local hero DJ Monkey Maffia (Sören Bodner) who is a techno producer and DJ from Jena. It will be a duet with guest appearances. It is a show like a rap-song, about learning to speak German. It’s about Sören who grew up in a very small town in the DDR and me being one of the ‘new’ immigrants in Jena, Deutschland.

In it, will be songs about the German language and culture. Scenes about Thüringer Klöße and bratwurst will also appear. It could contain a chapter Nietzsche for Muslims brought by a famous Serien singer, who happened to be a expert on Nietzsche’s vision on democracy. It will be a kind of big biography of Germany, but secretly is also our vehicle to thematize current European matters, like integration and immigration. We are touring this shows trough asylums in Thüringen. What we encounter there we will integrate in the play and/ or take with us on tour.

Premiere 22 november 2018 Theaterhaus Jena, more dates will be announced soon.
Productie: Theaterhaus Jena & De Lizzy Timmers Groep, in co productie met Wunderbaum