As a guest director I will direct a German/ Dutch cast in a music theater play about ‘the Wende in the bedroom’. According to Uta Kalano (she is philosopher, and works as cultural scientist at the Humboldt University Berlin) you can hear and notice, where people grew up, in the east or in the west, only by listening to how they talk about their intimate relationships. We thematize the questions: how do political and cultural differences between East and West Europe narrate our love lives? How can those differences help us to understand the nature our relations in our new Global reality? How could we imagine the future?

This music theater show will be about emancipation, sensuality and love and how it is influenced by the political histories of the east and west. We are going to work with couples who grew up in the DDR and interview people in Amsterdam and Jena about how they look at love. With this material we will make our play. We hope to shed new light on how, 30 years after the Mauer-fall, (which will be in 2019) the differences in cultural and political background are still visible in the most intimate places; in our homes, relationships, in our bedchambers.

Premiere februari 2019 in Theaterhaus Jena, more dates will be announced soon.

productie: Theterhaus Jena en De Lizzy Timmers Groep, in co productie with Theaterfestival Boulevard en Wunderbaum